Application Made to the Boro of Brooklawn to Transfer Ponzio’s Liquor License


An application has been made to the Borough of Brooklawn for a Person-To-Person transfer to Svitlana Bogey, LLC, of the Plenary Retail Consumption License #0407-33-003, heretofore issued to Ponzio’s RD, Inc., which license is not currently sited at any premises.

The site of the former Ponzio’s, which later became the Metro Diner, is now a super Wawa.

The name and address of the individual holding 100% of the ownership of said transferee is: Svitlana Bogey of Deptford.

Objections, if any, to the transfer, should be made immediately, in writing, to: Ryan Giles, Municipal Clerk, Boro Hall, 301 Christiana Street, Brooklawn, NJ 08030.

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