Bellmawr’s Johnnie’s Liquors Building Listed for Sale at $429K


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The Johnnie’s Liquors building, located at 834 W. Browning Road, Bellmawr, has been listed for sale by Keller Williams for $429,000.

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The property last sold for $250,000 January 29, 2001, according to NJ Parcels.

Screenshot: NJ Parcels

On March 26, 2016, a search warrant was executed at Johnnie’s Liquor Store during which officers seized 368 narcotic pills – including 259 of the opioid drugs Oxycodone, Roxicet, and Tramadol – from a private office in the back of the store, along with $13,732 in cash and other items.

The investigation focused on suspected drug activity taking place in the Bellmawr Laundromat located directly across the street from Johnnie’s Liquor Store. On several occasions, an undercover officer posing as a drug buyer purchased opioid pain pills from a dealer who retrieved the drugs from the liquor store.

Five individuals were arrested as a result.


During the investigation, Johnnie’s Liquors defendants, Jalat Patel, Dhanaajay Patel, and Rakesh Patel, acknowledged their participation and allowed the use of their licensed premises as part of this enterprise.

Defendants, Dominique Green and Armando Rosario, received five years probation.

The Patels all pleaded guilty to various violations and received Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI).

In October, 2018, the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (the Division) revoked Johnnie’s Liquors liquor license.

In a Final Conclusion and Order issued October 4, 2018, the Division found that the three owners of Johnnie’s Liquor Store allowed their West Browning Street premises to be used for narcotic drug and controlled dangerous substances (“CDS”) activities in violation of the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations.


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