In Lawnside, New Jersey American Water Proposes Regional Operations Center; Also, Construction of Massive Warehouses/Office FlexBuilding Proposed


Major developments are planned for Lawnside as New Jersey American Water is proposing development of a Regional Operations Center here. And, in a separate application, Vineland Construction Company is seeking approval to construct two warehouse/office flex buildings — one containing approximately 80,000 square feet and the other containing approximately 61,250 square feet.

According to recently published Legal Notices, the Lawnside Planning Board will hold a public hearing for both applications on December 10, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

With regard to New Jersey American Water’s Application, Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan Approval and Bulk Variance/Design Waiver Approvals are being sought “in connection with the proposed development of the Applicant’s Regional Operations Center on property that is 18.18 +/- acres in size, is currently owned by Vineland Construction Company, located within a Planned Office Park Zoning District (“OP”), and within the Borough of Lawnside Oak Avenue Redevelopment Area.”

Frontage is on East Oak Avenue, and currently known as Block 701, Lots 1 – 5, and parts of Lots 6, 7, 15 and 16 — and to be known as Block 701, Lot 1.

The Legal Notice states that “Preliminary and Final Site Plan Approval is being requested for the development of the proposed Regional Operations Center, which will include an operations center building with 28,925 +/- square feet of garage/warehouse space and 19,780 +/- square feet of office space, and a 9,716 +/- square foot storage building and covered dock.”

Also proposed are the development of outdoor utility storage areas, crew, company (utility) vehicle and visitor parking areas (consisting of 172 parking stalls and an additional 52 stalls dedicated for company or utility vehicles), three wall mounted signs, security fencing and secured access gates, all together with associated driveways, landscaping, storm water management and other utility and site improvements on the property.

Bulk Variance/Design Waiver Approvals are also being requested for standards for the proposed Regional Operations Center.

Landscaping and landscaping buffers are also proposed.

Bulk Variance/Design Waiver Approval is also being requested to allow a total of 224 parking stalls on the Property (including the proposed 52 company (utility) vehicle parking stalls), when a maximum of 181 parking stalls are permitted.

In another application, Vineland Construction Company is seeking approval for the proposed construction of two warehouse/office flex buildings – one containing approximately 80,000 square feet and the other containing approximately 61,250 square feet.

Related site infrastructure including loading areas, trailer and car parking areas, and storm water management facilities are also proposed on premises located on East Oak Avenue in the Borough of Lawnside, New Jersey and shown on the Tax Maps as Block 510, Lots 15 and 16; Block 601, Lots 1 and 2; and Block 701, Lots 8 and 9; and portions of existing Block 507, Lots 1 and 2, Block 509, Lot 3; Block 510, Lots 9, 10 and 14; Block 701, Lots 6, 7, and 15 and portions of Grant Avenue, Lincoln Avenue and Spring Street to be vacated, which contains approximately 24.033 acres. This will constitute proposed Block 601, Lot 1 pursuant to a subdivision application approved by the Planning Board, but not yet perfected.

The Premises is located within Area 2 of the Oak Avenue Redevelopment Area and site development is governed by the provisions of the Oak Avenue Redevelopment Plan (the “Redevelopment Plan”).

Preliminary and final major site plan approval is being sought, including deviations from the Redevelopment Plan Design Standards for landscaped islands and minimum landscaped area and minimum number of trees within parking areas.

A variance from the Lawnside Land Development Ordinance is also being sought regarding minimum required number of parking spaces.

The applications will be heard on Monday, December 10, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 4 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Road — formerly known as 4 N. Douglas Avenue.

Copies of the applications, plans and other supporting documents are on file at the Borough Clerk’s office.

(Source: NJ Public

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