Mavis Discount Tire Approved for White Horse Pike, Magnolia Location


Mavis Discount Tire was recently approved to open a new location in Magnolia at 201 White Horse Pike.

According to the unofficial Magnolia Planning Board minutes, the application for Magnolia Holdings LP was heard on August 22, 2018.

At the hearing, John Kearney appeared before the Board and stated: “This location is part of the Walmart project, and engineering, storm water, and traffic have all previously been reviewed with that project.”

Kearney presented an exhibit with an overall site plan with a revision date of August 9, 2007 and stated: “On the Walmart plan, this site is designated out as parcel #2.”

Design engineer, John Hornick of Bohler Engineering, was sworn in and testified: “The storm water and water main run from Kennedy Boulevard to the White Horse Pike, and was stubbed for future pad site. The basin is above ground as a wetland basin and is currently functioning as designed, and following the maintenance schedule.”

Kearney added: “The Mavis Tire repair store fits and complies with the bulk criteria. The existing curb cut will be used, and there will be no changes to the White Horse Pike. The July 2018 plan shows it is catching the drainage, and pipes to the storm system.”


Planning Board Chairman Lawrence Barrar questioned the way the building is situated on the plan with the short end facing the White Horse Pike.

Kearney stated that Mavis designed the building to sit this way.

The applicant has agreed to incorporate a “Welcome to Magnolia” sign on the freestanding sign and will work with the board engineer on a plan.

Chairman Michael Moore questioned landscaping for the lot. Hornick testified it is a paved lot.

Planning Board member Brian Carson questioned the trash enclosure structure material.

Hornick testified: “It will be an enclosed masonry structure.”

Councilwoman Mart Martz asked what Mavis will do with the old tires.

Kearney stated they are recycled and that there are no outside displays or storage. “There is no proposed loading zone. Mavis does not keep mass stock in tires onsite. They use a small truck and tires are delivered as needed from 20 plus stores. The truck would park on the side, and will not affect customers. Old tires are removed by truck or stored interior until they can be removed. Hours of operation are 7am. To 6pm. 7 days a week. Vehicles go on a lift, there are no pits, and everything is self-contained.”

Kearney also testified that the lighting was designed as part of the site plan, no rear lighting is proposed.

The motion was unanimously approved.

To view a copy of the unofficial Planning Board Minutes, click below:

Mavis Tire Warehouse Magnolia

(Image credit: Mavis Discount Tire)

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