ABC Revokes Liquor License of Rakesh, Inc. t/a Johnnie’s Liquor Store


In a Facebook post dated October 5, 2018, the Bellmawr Police Department announced that the Director of the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) “has ordered the Plenary Retail Distribution License of Rakesh, Inc., t/a Johnnie’s Liquor Store to be revoked as of this date.”

“The Division had issued 10 violations stemming from a previous investigation and arrests made at the liquor store in May 2016 involving possession and sale of narcotics. The final order was issued by the Director yesterday,” the post stated.

A sign has been posted on the door of Johnnie’s Liquors West Browning Road store stating: “Due to emergency we will be closed till further notice.”

Johnnie's Liquors

SJO Photos taken October 5, 2018

In July, SJO reported that the Johnnie’s Liquor Store defendants had applied for expungement of their criminal records stemming from a May, 2016 drug bust.


Bellmawr Police Chief William said: “We had to appeal that because we didn’t want them to get their criminal records expunged.”

Five individuals were arrested as a result of the 2016 drug bust. Last year, defendants, Dominique Green and Armando Rosario, received five years probation.

The three defendants from Johnnie’s Liquors, Jalat Patel, Dhanaajay Patel, and Rakesh Patel, all pleaded guilty to various violations and received Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI). As part of the conditions of their PTI, those defendants were required to forfeit $57,752.77 in money seized.

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