Bellmawr Planning Board Recommends 191 Anderson Ave. Be Designated as Area in Need of Redevelopment


The Bellmawr Planning Board approved a Resolution at their August 6, 2018 meeting recommending that 191 Anderson Avenue, Block 80, Lot 2, should be designated as an area in need of redevelopment.

The Planning Board further recommended that Council consider referring back to the Board an additional preliminary investigation regarding adjacent lots 4.01 and 17.01 to determine if those lots are also in need of redevelopment. Lots 4.01 and 17.01 serve as the sole means of access to the property.

According to the minutes from the Planning Board’s June 4, 2018 meeting, Joseph Petrongolo of Remington and Vernick testified that Block 80, lot 2 is one-half acre and “relatively a vacant site” behind the existing cemetery and backs up to Route 295.

Petrongolo further testified: “The property is landlocked and the [access] is through 4.01. The propery also has an old pump house which is in poor condition.”

To view the Resolution, click the image below.

191 Anderson Avenue BellmawrTo view the meeting minutes from the June 4, 2018 Planning Board meeting, click below.


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