Facial Recognition Technology Detects Woman Who Used Friend’s Info to Obtain Gov’t ID


Through an investigator’s use of facial recognition technology, Luz E. Moreno, 39, of Carney’s Point was charged on July 11, 2018 with third-degree forgery and second-degree using another’s identifying information to obtain a government ID, Gloucester County Prosecutor, Charles A. Fiore announced.

Det. Saul Cintron of the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office signed the charges after Moreno obtained a New Jersey non-driver’s identification card at the office of the Department of Motor Vehicles in West Deptford.

Cintron worked with the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (DMV) on his investigation.

Moreno was receiving disability benefits and the ID card, which was obtained by presenting the signature and identifying credentials of a friend, would have enabled her to continue collecting those benefits while working under a false identity.

A high-tech facial recognition computer program was also used to detect fraudulent attempts to obtain driver’s licenses. Side-by-side comparisons of Moreno and the false ID image presented to the DMV on September 12, 2017 determined both had the same features, blemishes, and eye color.

Moreno was released pending September 13, 2018 court date and is presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.


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