Generous $15,000 Gift Will Prevent Broward County Struggling Seniors From Losing Pets


A $15,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Broward will enable the Pet Project for Pets to prevent 100 financially challenged local seniors from losing the pets they love. The announcement was made in a media release.

‘People Together Forever’ is the mission of The Pet Project, a Broward nonprofit. Many seniors in Broward County, FL live alone and have only a pet as their friend and family member. The Pet Project enables struggling seniors keep their pets and adequately provide for them.

This generous grant will enable the Pet Project for Pets to provide for the pets of 100 seniors in Broward County with pet food, pet supplies, annual vaccinations, foster care (if needed), and vet care.

The grant was made possible by the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward; Patricia A. Shub Fund for Companion Animal Benefit, Antoinette Sherman Fund, and the Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund. “Our clients love and need their pets and would forego their own food or medications in order to keep them,” said Sue Martino, Executive Director of Pet Project for Pets. “Our client needs increase by 15 – 20% each year, so we reached out to the Community Foundation of Broward and they came through for us.”

For more information on The Pet Project for Pets, click here or visit their Facebook page,

The Pet Project for Pets was also the subject of a featured article in Dogster. Click the image below to read the story:


Pet Project


(Images: Courtesy of Pet Project for Pets)


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