February, 2018 Bellmawr BDA Steering Commitee Meeting Featured Proposed Creek Road Extension


The Bellmawr Brownfield Development Area (BDA) Steering Committee meeting took place on February 26, 2018.

In addition to updates on the remediation efforts, a rendering of the proposed Creek Road Extension was included as part of the presentation. (Click to enlarge)Creek Road Extension

The presenters from the meeting were Gary Brown, Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), RT Environmental, Jen Berg, Project Manager, RT Environmental, and Donald Nogowski, Esquire, Earp Cohn Law Firm, Counsel for the Redeveloper (Bellmawr Waterfront Development /Big Timber Junction).

According to the presentation, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) conducts regular and unscheduled on-site compliance inspections. No violations have ever been issued since remediation work began in 2007. There are also monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to the NJDEP.

Remedation Achievements:

  • Nearly all storm water and off-site groundwater diverted around waste mass
  • Contaminants from landfill not detected in Big Timber Creek
  • Contaminants in shallow groundwater are stable or declining
  • Eliminated deed for active (mechanical) Gas Management System in Phase I
  • 2014 Landfill Gas Yield Test conducted
  • 2014 NJDEP approved Passive (Gravity) Gas Management System (2007: Phases II and III)
  • Continued Monitoring in Post Closure Period
  • Perimeter Monitoring: Step-out Procedure

Capping Construction Completed To Date:

  • Phase I: Remediation and Final Top Cap: 100%
  • Phase II: Remediation and Final Top Cap: 90%
  • Phase III: Remediation and Final Top Cap: 85%

To view the presentation, click the image below:

Bellmawr Waterfront Development

To view exclusive videos of the entire presentation, (which has been divided into three parts), click view below:

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